Last Chance U: Where are they now? 2020 Edition Part 4 — Whats happened to the staff?

Last Chance U is a Netflix docuseries that each season follows a not very well known junior college program, which has players who typically have the talent to go onto a D1/D2 college but their education and off the field activities is what is holding them back from taking that leap. In this docuseries, we see the falls and rise of young men trying to take that step.

In season 1 and 2 of the show, we follow the goings-on of East Mississipi Community college (EMCC) and in season 3 and 4 we follow Independence Community college in Kansas. It has just been announced by Netflix that season 5 is the last and final season before the show moves to follow Basketball programs. In this season they will be following Lanley college in Oakland, the release date is currently set as 28th of July 2020.

In this fourth part of the series, we are going to take a look at what happened to the coaches of the teams, and those staff members who had a prominent role in the show.

Miss Wagner – Academic Advisor – Season 1 and 2

Probably one of the most memorable staff members (for the right reasons), was Miss Brittany Wagner. Her role as academic advisor was to make sure that all of the students on the football program had the scores from their education required to take the next step in their career.

What made Miss Wagner different though was the amount of passion she put into making sure these guys were ready for that next step. She was fair yet firm, she knew how to really make a connection with the players.

After season 2 of the show, she decided to pursue what she loves doing on a larger scale. She now runs her own consultancy where she goes into athletic programs to help support them and put processes in so that the staff members can best help their student athletes. If you want to read more about what her consultancy does, you can read more here.

Since starting her venture she has worked with over 50 different sports programs, from Ohio state to Baltimore Ravens Quarterbacks RGIIIs foundation. A full list of her clients can be seen here.

It is also no wonder since the end of the show that Miss Wagner has made several trips to colleges where many of her players that were on the show have gone to, to see them play. She really did care about each one of them, it wasn’t just part of the show.

Speaking of TV shows, what connects the popular TV show Friends and Miss wagner? Answer – Courteney Cox!

How does that link the two I hear you say? Well in 2019 It was announced that the Friends superstar has agreed to play Miss Brittany Wagner in a scripted show about her life!

Coach Buddy Stephens – Head coach EMCC – Season 1 and 2

Buddy Stephens strives off of recruiting talent that no one else wanted and giving them a platform to get their career back on track. I wont talk too much about his time on the show, but its no surprise that you can still find him to this day still the head coach of East Mississippi Community College.

Since the show, Buddy has won two national championships but last season in 2019 he had his worst team record since 2010 with the team finishing 6-4. Despite the 2019 season it hasn’t stopped Stephens from still being the NJCAA all-time leader in winning percentage (.879). The success he has brought to the program has even started conversations of the school erecting a statue in his honour.

Coach Jason Brown – Head Coach Independence – Season 3 and 4

Whilst Miss Wagner is one of the most memorable staff members for the right reasons, most would say Coach Brown was the most memorable for the wrong reasons. Before Jason arrived at Independence, they had not had a winning season for 10 years, and in season 3 of the show they broke that enigma by crawling to a 5-4 season. The expectations of season 4 were much higher following their first winning season in a while but sadly they fell back to a losing record in 2-8.

This was Jason’s last season coaching ICC, he was fired for insensitive remarks he made towards a German player. The drama didn’t stop there though, after stepping down he was charged with eight accounts of fraud. In several interviews Jason has claimed his innocence.

This may have stopped his coaching career, but he now has a book called “Hate me now, love me later” which you can find on amazon. He also has his own store where he sells his own merchandise and has currently expanded into a brand of his own cigars and whiskey called “Slapdicks” which was meant to drop 1st of July 2020.

He tried to follow the path of Miss Wagner offering himself as a consultant to sports programs to in his words, have him “teach you THE game”. If this isn’t enough Jason Brown in your life you can also book him on popular celebrity video app Cameo for $40 (USD).

That’s it folks!

That is the end of this series. Was there anyone I missed who you would love to know where they are now? Season 5, the final season of Last Chance U is dropping tomorrow (28/07/2020), I cant wait to see the stories unfold and see who is next to try and make their dream of making it to the NFL a reality.

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